Partnering with organizations, and fellow filmmakers to make a difference.

“A Life in the Clouds” Was produced in partnership with the Woodland Park Zoo.  

“Living with Snow Leopards: Tashi’s Story”

Created with Fidget Films, LLC and the Snow Leopard Trust.

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Bighorn Sheep Disease Research Consortium

In celebration of National Coffee Day

A cup that transforms lives: for animals, for farmers, and for consumers who want a better world.

Woodland Park Zoo’s Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program

Produced and Directed by: Joe Pontecorvo

Cinematography by: Joe Pontecorvo and Johnathan Byers

Edited and Graphics by: Philip Thangsombat

For Woodland Park Zoo, Caffe Vita, and the YUS community of Papua New Guinea.

Composer : David Mitcham

Vocalist: Alison Limerick

Publisher : Trackdown Music Ltd